How Your Diet Can Improve Your Cancer Treatment Outcome

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How you eat plays a large role in how your cancer treatment goes. It is necessary to eat, even if you do not have an appetite, so your body has the strength to fight through this period. You will also need adequate nutrition so that your body remains healthy. The healthy diet needs to begin even before your cancer treatment starts so you can be strong throughout the process.

Get More Vitamin C

You will want to consume more Vitamin C because this will help boost your immune system. Your body is more susceptible to germs during the cancer treatment. If you will get your vitamin C from fruit and vegetable juices, make sure that they are pasteurized because unpasteurized juices will make you more susceptible to an infection. 

Beware Of Raw Foods

You may be told to avoid raw foods. If you previously at lettuce, you should instead eat cooked spinach as a substitute. Raw food can be risky to eat because it is more likely to contain bacteria that your body may struggle to fight.

Be Careful With K

You will need a diet in which 20-30% consists of foods that are high in Vitamin K. This is a nutrient that is needed for your body to be able to form blood clots. However, too much of this nutrient can increase the risk that your body will form blood clots.

Eat To Relieve Symptoms

Cancer treatment can create symptoms that can be treated to some extent with food. If you are suffering from constipation, you will want to drink more water and eat foods that are high in fiber. If you are suffering from diarrhea, eat more rice, bananas and apples. You may find it more difficult to eat with mouth sores, so you might want to puree some foods to make them easier to consume. If you are suffering from nausea, eat bland foods and avoid foods that have strong odors. Also, drink more water to combat nausea. 

Make Changes To Your Eating Habits

You may need to consume more protein, cheese and eggs in order to have more strength. Adding sauces and gravies can make it easier to chew and swallow high protein foods. If you are struggling to make these dietary changes, you may need to speak with a dietitian. Make sure to have foods at home that do not require any effort to make, such as frozen dinners, for days when you are exhausted.