Hormone Replacement Therapy Misconceptions

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Body chemistry changes can have drastic changes on both your physical and mental well-being. In particular, hormonal changes can be extremely disruptive, and they can cause very unpleasant side effects in patients. Fortunately, hormone replacement therapy may be able to restore your hormones to the levels that your body needs to function optimally.

Myth: Hormone Replacement Therapy Will Always Require Receiving Regular Painful Injections

It is often the case where a person will avoid undergoing hormone replacement therapies. Frequently, this will stem from the belief that this therapy is only administered through the use of painful injections. While injections can be one option for delivering the needed hormone supplements, it is far from the only possible delivery method. For some patients, dermal patches may be sufficient. Also, subdermal pellets can be used to gradually release the hormones over several weeks or months. The exact option that will provide the best results with the least inconvenient delivery method will be determined by the dosage and hormone that you are needing, and only your doctor will be able to recommend the best solution for your situation after reviewing your body's particular needs.

Myth: Hormone Replacement Is A Treatment That Only Women Need

Unfortunately, there are many men that may not realize that hormone replacement therapy is a procedure that they may require. Often, this is due to the belief that this is a treatment that only women will need. Yet, it is a reality that a man's hormonal levels can also change. More precisely, it can be possible for their testosterone levels to start to drop as they age. Dropping testosterone levels can contribute to a feeling of lethargy, loss of libido and depression. Additionally, it can also lead to weight gain as it can cause the body's metabolism to drop and baldness. To determine whether this is a condition that you are experiencing, your doctor will need to perform a series of tests on you. This will likely require providing a blood sample, but this discomfort can be inconsequential compared to the benefits of reducing the impacts of your hormonal changes.  

Hormone replacement therapy can be essential for allowing many people to live comfortably despite major chemical changes in their bodies. Once you are aware of the delivery methods that can be used to provide you with the need hormones and the fact that men can require these treatments, you may find addressing the effects of your hormone changes is easier to successfully do. 

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