3 Everyday Things You Do That Contribute To Your Risks Of Osteoporosis

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In the United States, there are about ten million people who have osteoporosis. Even though men can be diagnosed with osteoporosis, this disease primarily attacks the female population, with as much of 80 percent of that ten million in the population being women. As a female, this means that you must be proactive about protecting yourself from osteoporosis before you are at an age where it could be a major risk. Unfortunately, there are things you probably do on a daily basis that elevate your risk. Here is a short list of everyday things you probably do that you shouldn't as a female so you don't contribute to your risk of osteoporosis. 

You don't go outside enough. 

For many women, it is a natural tendency to devote much of their time to everything and everyone else. Therefore, you may send most of your day in a dimly lit office and head home to take care of your children, prepare meals, shower–all indoors. While you are busy living your life, make sure you stop and take some time to just go outside in the sunlight. Sunlight actually helps your body make vitamin D, which is highly important to thwart the risks of osteoporosis development and support bone health in general. 

You smoke cigarettes. 

Did you know that smoking cigarettes actually can cause your body to not produce as much estrogen as it should? If you are a smoker, you should definitely consider quitting because it is hard on your body all the way around. However, as a female, being a smoker can also boost the chances that you will develop osteoporosis because the lowered estrogen is a huge contributing factor to the disease. Plus, smoking raises your blood pressure, which is sometimes deemed as a common denominator among women who have been diagnosed with osteoporosis. 

You don't move around enough. 

All of the reliance on electronic devices has changed everything about how women live and work, and definitely contributes to a more sedentary lifestyle. For example, if you need to speak to your neighbor, chances are you will hit them up on social media instead of walking next door. Or, if you need that good recipe for chocolate pie, you will get on your phone and pull it up instead of rummaging around in the kitchen. Even though electronic technology is convenient, all of these small changes throughout the day can really add up to a deficit of activity that is good for your body. Unfortunately, lack of exercise is one of the more common risk factors to developing osteoporosis. 

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