Depressed About Testicular Cancer Surgery? Nanoknife May Help

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Testicular cancer is a frightening situation that may cause some men to panic or fear for their virility. However, a new method of managing this type of cancer could help avoid the kind of concerns that often plague people going through this life-changing situation.

Complications May Occur In Testicular Cancer Surgery

Successful testicular cancer surgery will remove tumors and cause only very minor damage to the surrounding issues. Most men who go through this procedure won't experience any sexual side effects. However, there are some kinds of complications, such as bowel obstructions or nerve damage, that can occur which may impact your potency.

In most cases, a man should not lose his ability to gain an erection. However, there is always the chance that it could occur. The scary thing about this situation is that it not only affects a man's physical health but can also cause serious depression that only worsens his condition.

These Complications Can Get Worse

When a complication occurs in testicular cancer surgery, a man may find himself struggling to obtain or maintain an erection. Younger men suffering from this problem could end up developing serious depression. Men often tie their self-worth into their sexual virility and feel less like a man if they cannot get an erection. Even worse, that depression may worsen their impotence.

However, it is possible to avoid this problem by using a new cancer treatment method known as a NanoKnife. This procedure is designed to help people in delicate situations and to manage a variety of cancer tumors in a minimally-invasive way.

How A NanKnife Can Help

NanoKnife is a surgical option that has become increasingly popular for certain types of cancer tumors. They are typically used to manage tumors in areas that are very sensitive or important for the body. For example, they are often used to destroy cancer tumors in blood vessels and in the brain. However, this method may be adapted for use with testicular cancer.

Any man who is considering this type of treatment should understand that it uses electrical currents to destroy tumors. This means that a small burst of electricity will be focused directly on the tumor. While this may seem dangerous, it actually eliminates the need for open incisions and causes less damage to your testicles than other types of surgeries.

So if you are going through testicular cancer treatment and are worried about becoming impotent, don't hesitate to ask a specialist, such as those found at ATLAS ONCOLOGY, about NanoKnife. They can assess your situation and help you decide if it is right for your needs.