Answering A Few Common Tummy Tuck Questions

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Undergoing a tummy tuck procedure can have dramatic impacts on your appearance. However, you may be neglecting to take advantage of this surgical option. To help you with evaluating whether a tummy tuck is right for achieving your goals, there is some basic information that you should consider.

What Types Of Patients Can Benefit From Tummy Tuck Procedures?

Patients often have incorrect expectations about what a tummy tuck can provide them. When a patient undergoes a tummy tuck, they will have the excess skin and fat on their stomachs removed. It is important to note that this procedure is not primarily focused on fat removal. Rather it can be ideal for those that have excess skin and minor fat pockets from childbirth, losing large amounts of weight or aging. For those that are wanting to primarily have pockets of fat removed, a liposuction procedure may be the best option. Prior to undergoing this procedure, your doctor may be able to show you a computer rendered image of the type of results that you may expect.

How Long Will The Tummy Tuck Take To Complete?

The actual tummy tuck procedure is somewhat short. Patients will typically find that the surgeon will only need a couple of hours to complete the necessary tasks. However, patients will likely require much longer to recover. While the procedure may only take a couple of hours, the patient may not fully recover from the anesthesia that was used or many hours. Also, they may go through a period of several weeks where they need to be careful with their abdominal area. This is necessary as the skin and muscles in this area will require a significant amount of time to fully mend.

Are Follow-Up Visits Necessary?

Undergoing a tummy tuck is a surprisingly complicated procedure. This will require the patient to undergo a series of follow up visits with their surgeon. These visits are designed to allow the surgeon to monitor the patient's recovery. During a typical session, the surgeon will inspect the surgery site and ask the patient a few questions. This can help to limit the time that is needed for these sessions so that you can better manage the disruptions that this may cause. The exact number of follow-up visits that will be needed will vary from one patient to another, but it is important to attend these visits. In addition to potentially posing significant health risks, complications with the tummy tuck can increase the risk of scarring.

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