Tired Of Excessive Underarm Sweat? Botox Treatment May Be The Long-Lasting Option That You're Looking For. Here's How It Works

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Do your underarms sweat constantly throughout the day for no apparent reason? Does no antiperspirant on the market seem to work for you? Excessive underarm sweat is a major annoyance that can act as a source of constant embarrassment, forcing you to keep your arms always held close to your chest in order to avoid revealing the sweat stains on your shirt. It can even prevent you from ever feeling comfortable in social situations or at work.

Thankfully, there's an option available to you that you may not have heard of: Botox treatments for underarm sweat. It's a quick procedure performed by a physician that can eliminate excessive underarm sweat for up to a year. If nothing else has worked for your sweating, you may want to consider trying Botox treatment. Here's what you need to know about it.

How Does Botox Treatment for Underarm Sweat Work?

In order for your sweat glands to produce sweat, they need to receive signals from surrounding nerves. Botox treatment temporarily prevents the nerves in your underarms from functioning, which drastically reduces the amount of sweat that they produce.

What Happens During the Treatment?

A physician trained in the use of Botox will apply an iodine solution to your underarms along with cornstarch. When you sweat, your sweat will react with the iodine and turn the cornstarch into a highly visible purple color, allowing the physician to pinpoint your most active sweat glands. Botox is then injected slightly under the skin in these areas using a very thin needle.

The entire Botox treatment will take around fifteen minutes, and the injections feel like small pinpricks. If you have a fear of needles or are worried about pain, you can ask your physician to apply a numbing cream to your underarms before the procedure in order to make them less sensitive.

What Should You Do After Receiving the Treatment?

After the procedure, refrain from touching your underarms for 24 hours. You should also avoid strenuous physical activity. The treatment may take effect in as little as three days, but you should allow up to two weeks in order for it to reach full effectiveness.

In most cases, your physician will request that you return in two weeks to see how well the treatment is working. If your underarms are still producing a large amount of sweat, your physician may decide to administer additional Botox treatment to your underarms.

How Long Does the Treatment Last?

Typically, you'll remain sweat-free for a period of six months. Your body's metabolism slowly eliminates the Botox from your system, and frequent exercise may reduce the duration of the treatment's effectiveness. The nerves in your underarms gradually return to their normal function, causing you to slowly start sweating more and more. When you become unhappy with the amount of sweat your underarms are producing, all you need to do is schedule another quick Botox treatment.

Overall, Botox treatment will is a safe, effective way to greatly reduce the amount of sweat that your underarms produce. If your shirts are being ruined or you're being embarrassed at work or in social situations due to excessive underarm sweat, talk to a physician that specializes in Botox treatments and ask about the procedure. The procedure is very quick, has almost no recovery time and shows results quickly, allowing you to live your life without the constant annoyance of underarm sweat.