When Your Child Is Sick: How A Walk In Medical Clinic Can Help

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There are going to be times when your child is sick or injured, but doesn't really need to sit in the emergency room for hours. If you suspect an ear infection, or your child might have a sprained ankle, it can be easier to go to an urgent care clinic. While you can also try your child's pediatrician, it may be after hours. When you aren't sure what the right type of care is, a walk in clinic can assess the situation and send you on to an emergency room if they believe your child needs additional services. Walk in clinics give you the ability to have your child seen quickly so that their medical needs can be resolved.

When Waiting Isn't Realistic

If you have a young child that needs to be seen for an illness or injury, waiting for hours in the emergency room is not an easy time. When the problem isn't an emergency, your child isn't going to be taken earlier just because they are restless in the waiting room. To avoid a long wait, a walk in clinic is usually the best option. Your child will be seen quickly. 

Continuity of Care

Your child deserves care that promotes communication with the primary care physician. Walk in medical clinics report visits to the clinic to the primary care physician listed. Any testing or treatment completed is reported, as well as recommendations for further care.

When the Pediatrician Isn't Open

While your child's doctor may want you to bring your child in for any illness or injury, there are going to be times that they are not open. If you call the doctor's office and they don't have any availability for the day, a walk in medical clinic is going to provide excellent service. 

Stay Away from Germs

Sitting around a hospital emergency room for hours leaves you and your child susceptible to the germs that are floating around. When you only have to wait a short time at a walk in medical clinic, your exposure to germs is limited. If your child is already sick, they don't need to be exposed to anything else.

Walk in clinics provide you with a place to bring your child instead of waiting for long hours at the emergency room. If the issue can't be resolved at urgent care, you will be referred to an emergency room. Give your child the care they need without having to wait. Contact a clinic, like MED7 Urgent Care Center, for more help.