Your Best Treatment Options for Erectile Dysfunction

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Erectile dysfunction (ED) affects millions of men each year. However, it's less socially acceptable (or desirable) to discuss ED treatment options as compared with other medical conditions like diabetes, high blood pressure, or arthritis. Because of this, many who silently suffer from ED may feel their treatment options are limited to oral medication (that may be contraindicated based on their medical history) or manual devices like a "penis pump."

However, there are now a plethora of ED treatment options on the market, many of which have been developed fairly recently. Read on to learn more about some of your most effective treatment options for ED.

Oral "On Demand" Medication

For those whose ED is intermittent, not chronic, and who are healthy enough to engage in sexual activity, oral medications like Viagra may be a viable option. These medications produce an erection within minutes and can maintain their effectiveness for an hour or longer. For those whose ED is psychological in origin, on-demand medications like Viagra can be a good way to get over the hump, so to speak, and remove the anxiety and stigma that can come along with failing to achieve an erection.  

Injectable Long-Term Medication

For those whose ED is physiological or chronic (that is, an erection cannot be achieved under any circumstances), injectable medications like Trimix may be the answer. This drug combination is injected into the sides of the penis every few months to regenerate the patient's ability to achieve an erection under their own power, without the use of aids like Viagra. Those who don't want to rely on on-demand medication each time they wish to engage in sexual activity, or for whom Viagra and related drugs are not recommended due to heart problems, can realize significant benefits from Trimix. Learn more about your options by contacting services such as Invigor Medical LLC.

Manual Simulation

In some situations, medication may not be the answer. If a patient has circulatory problems that prevent blood from reaching the erectile tissues, circulation will need to be restored before an erection can occur. Other patients may be instructed that, due to diabetes, high blood pressure, or other chronic health conditions, it's not safe for them to take any ED-related medications. Penis pumps or even surgical procedures like a penile implant may be able to help patients who are dealing with this combination of medical issues. These devices work by drawing additional blood flow into the penis to stiffen all erectile tissues, allowing an erection to be maintained.