Orthopedic Physicians Can Help Truck Drivers With Herniated Discs

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Back pain is a common problem for many truck drivers and may occur due to problems as serious as herniated discs. As a result, truckers may need to understand the benefits of visiting an orthopedic specialist and getting regular treatment for this persistent problem.

Herniated Discs May Affect Truck Drivers Without Treatment

Truck drivers who sit for hours every day and get minimal exercise may develop orthopedic problems like a herniated disc in their spine that an orthopedic treatment specialist may help treat. Without proper treatment, there's a good chance that these truck drivers may experience problems like:

These problems are only likely to worsen before they get better if a truck driver simply tries to ignore them and stay away from treatment. Thankfully, orthopedic professionals fully understand common back and neck conditions and can help treat them before they worsen further.

How Orthopedic Specialists Help

Orthopedic treatment experts can help truck drivers with herniated discs in various ways. Their treatment process can:

Truck drivers may need a treatment note from their orthopedic doctor that discusses their treatment and explains why they may need some time off. These notes can help truckers get temporary disability or even workers' compensation from their trucking company while they recover.

Contact an orthopedic doctor for more information.