Three Temperature Scanning Kiosk Types To Consider

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Adding a temperature scanning kiosk to the entry of your building can be instrumental in making it a safer place for everyone. By quickly checking the temperature of people before they enter, you'll be able to keep those who have temperatures that indicate illness off the premises. When you shop for a temperature scanning kiosk, you'll find several different variations of this device. A supplier that specializes in this type of equipment will commonly have several models of kiosks, and you can evaluate which one will be the best fit for your building. Here are three common types to consider.

Free Standing

When you browse the supplier's products for sale, you can expect to see several free-standing temperature scanning kiosks. This is typically the largest version of this device. It's handy because you can set it up anywhere that you want with ease. This type of kiosk tends to have a slim design and have a thick, heavy base that will keep the kiosk in place even if someone makes accidental contact with it while walking past. Some devices are adjustable, allowing you to set the ideal height for the people who use your building.

Table Top

You can also expect to see temperature scanning kiosks that are designed to sit on a table top or other surface. Many of these devices look like a conventional scanning kiosk, minus the vertical post. You might favor this variation if you have a tight entry to your building and are concerned that a free-standing kiosk could add clutter. Businesses that use table top kiosks will typically place this device on the counter that is immediately inside of the front door. You'll want to choose a surface for this device that is a suitable height for people; placing it on a low table isn't ideal, as it would require people to bend down while standing in front of the machine.

Wall Mounted

Another option that you'll find for sale and that may be of interest to you is a wall-mounted temperature scanning kiosk. While this type of device requires more installation time than a free-standing model, you might appreciate how it doesn't add an obstacle to the floor. For example, if you run a business that caters to senior citizens or people with mobility issues and you're worried about someone tripping on a free-standing kiosk, a wall-mounted version will likely be a good choice for your building.

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