The Main Benefits Of Utilizing Hair Drug Testing For Your Business

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As an employer, you want to minimize or eliminate the risk of hiring drug addicts to work for you. You want people on your staff to be sober and free from any substances that can impede their judgments or increase the risk of theft or violence in the workplace.

To ensure your workers do not use illicit substances on or off the clock, you may want to test them as needed. You may avoid hiring addicted individuals by implementing hair drug testing as part of your hiring process.

Solid Results

Hair drug testing can provide you with solid results for each new hire and existing employee. You may find out with relative assurance of what substances your workers use on a regular basis and whether or not they are drug-free both on and off the clock. 

You may need reliable results if you plan on taking any legal action against employees who come to work high. You may also need them to defend yourself in court if a fired worker sues you for wrongful determination. The hair drug testing can provide the reliable results you need to defend your decision to not hire or terminate workers who use illicit substances.

Variety of Detected Substances

Hair drug testing may also allow you to test for a variety of substances. You may use it to find out if workers use drugs like marijuana or meth, for example. However, it may also be sensitive to pick up other substances that you deem unsafe for your workers to use and be under the influence of while working for you. 


Hair drug testing is also non-invasive and spares your workers any significant pain. They do not have to make an appointment with a phlebotomist to have blood drawn from their fingers or arms. They avoid having to worry about the discomfort of having a needle prick them and draw blood for the test. 


Finally, hair drug testing is fast to carry out and only involves the pulling of a single strand of hair. The employee can get back to work without having to spend an excess of time in a doctor's office getting blood drawn or giving a urine sample. The test may only take a few minutes of the employee's time.

Hair drug testing services such as AAVCOR can benefit your company and its personnel processes. It can provide you with reliable results and let you test for a variety of substances. It also is non-invasive and fast to carry out.