How To Choose The Right Power Lift Chair

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A power lift chair is an excellent mobility aid for people who have difficulty sitting and standing. There are several different models of lift chairs on the market, and finding the right one can be difficult. Here are five factors to consider when choosing the right power lift chair.

Number of Positions

Lift chairs have a range of positions that normally fall within three categories: two-position, three-position, and infinite-position. The back and foot rest of two-position lift chairs do not operate independently. As you recline the back of a two-position chair, the foot rest raises as well. Additionally, the back of a two-position lift chair typically does not recline fully.

Three-position lift chairs are similar to two-position chairs, as the back and foot rest still do not operate independently. However, the back of a three-position chair will lay back almost completely flat, so the user can sit upright, partially reclined, or fully reclined. Infinite-position lift chairs have dual-motors for independent control of the back and foot rest, allowing virtually any sitting position.

Style and Covering

Like normal reclining chairs, powered lifting chairs are available in a wide variety of styles and cover materials to match the interior of any home. This means that you will never have to worry about your lift chair standing out from the rest of your furniture.

Choosing the right cover material can make the chair much more comfortable. Leather chairs are a good option for people who are looking for firm support, while breathable cloth is better at removing sweat and oil if you will be sitting for an extended period.

Height and Weight of User

Because power lift chairs are primarily intended as a mobility aid, you should look for a chair that will best match your body type. For example, tall people may need the chair to raise higher off the floor to stand effectively. Some manufacturers also offer chairs with heavy-duty motors for people whose lack of mobility may have led to significant weight gain.


While lift chairs will always be more expensive than normal recliners, they can still be affordable if you choose the right type. The biggest deciding factor in the price of your lift chair will be the number of positions that are possible. While two-position lift chairs do not allow you to recline fully, they are often the cheapest to purchase because the mechanical parts are less complex.

Three-position lift chairs are a good compromise between comfort and price. The range of motion of these chairs is very similar to a normal recliner. While an infinite-position lift chair offers the most possibilities, you may not find yourself reclining the chair without using the foot rest very often.

Extra Features

Power lift chairs have a number of optional features that can potentially make them the most comfortable seat in your home. Since it is easier to sit and stand from a lift chair, it often becomes the most-used seat for people with mobility problems. Because of this, it is worth it to spend extra on features that will make you as comfortable as possible.

If you have chronic muscle pain, a lift chair with heating or massage capabilities can relieve pain for the entire time that you are sitting down. Built-in cupholders and food trays can keep food and drink within reach. Many lift chairs also have controllers that are connected to the chair by a wire to prevent it from getting lost.

Purchasing a power lift chair is a great way to add comfort and mobility to your life. Use these tips to find the best lift chair to suit your needs. For more information, check out a site like