Reducing Your Chronic Knee Problems

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If you suffer from chronic knee pain, there are many non-surgical treatment options that can provide substantial relief to the patient. These options can be invaluable for allowing you to reduce the impacts that knee problems have on your life.

Be Fitted For A Custom Knee Brace

There are many instances where a patient's knee pain is the result of support issues. This can lead to the knee being more easily strained, which can lead to discomfort and knee damage. Wearing a knee brace is one solution for minimizing this problem as it can provide your knee with the proper support that it needs. For the best results, you may want to be fitted for a custom knee brace. This can be sure that the knee brace you are wearing best meets the needs of your injured knee.

Injection Treatments

Inflammation and other deep problems can be a source of serious knee problems for patients. Luckily, there are injections that can be used to reduce these issues so that your knee pain will lessen as much as possible. Cortisol injections are a common option that can significantly reduce the inflammation your knee is experiencing. Other individuals may benefit from receiving stem cell injections in their knees that will help promote healing. Undergoing an evaluation with a knee pain specialist can provide the insights that you will need to effectively evaluate the best treatment option for your condition.

Physical Rehabilitation

Physical rehabilitation can be an important part of managing chronic knee problems. This type of rehabilitation can gradually strengthen your knee and improve its flexibility. In addition to attending physical rehabilitation sessions, individuals will also need to work to strengthen their knees at home as well. This may involve going for walks and performing stretching exercises that will strengthen the knee and potentially reduce your chronic pain. The benefits of this rehabilitation can take some time to start to be noticeable, but it can offer long-term results for patients who have a variety of knee problems.

If you have been unfortunate enough to develop chronic knee problems, there are treatment options available that can significantly reduce the pain you are experiencing while potentially avoiding the need to undergo major surgery. In particular, investing in a knee brace, utilizing knee injections, and potentially undergoing physical rehabilitation can all be effective steps for reducing the pain that your knee problem is able to cause and the impacts it can have on your quality of life. Keep these tips in mind when looking for a non-surgical knee pain relief service near you.