Abortion by Medication: How Does It Work?

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Abortion is a very controversial topic, but at the end of the day, it is a very important medical procedure that people with uteruses will sometimes need for various reasons. An abortion can sometimes be critical when saving the life of someone who gives birth. 

What Is an Abortion?

Abortion is a medical procedure where a pregnancy is terminated. It's important to know that an abortion is not always something a pregnant person chooses. For example, a miscarriage, or loss of a fetus before the halfway mark of a pregnancy, is medically considered a spontaneous abortion. Many aspects can lead to an abortion.

Reasons for an Abortion

The reason a pregnant person has an abortion is no one's business but their own. However, understanding some possible reasons can be helpful in understanding abortions. 

Some reasons to have an abortion can include:

There are many more reasons someone may need or want an abortion, but this should never be a question you ask a pregnant person or someone who has had an abortion in the past. 

Types of Abortion

There are three common types of abortions. 

Those can include:

As previously mentioned, spontaneous abortion is also known as a miscarriage and is oftentimes no fault of the pregnant person. 

What Is an Abortion by Medication?

Surgical abortion may be more commonly known than abortion by medication services, but they are both effective methods. Abortion by medication is more effective the earlier in the pregnancy it is completed. After a couple months, it will be recommended to try a surgical abortion to ensure the pregnancy is terminated. 

To complete an abortion by medication, you will be given two separate pills. The first one is taken to stop the production of progesterone in the body. Once the production of progesterone is stopped, the pregnancy can no longer grow. The second pill is taken to empty the uterus. The second pill can cause severe cramping and bleeding, so it is important to be somewhere safe and comfortable when taking the pills. 

An abortion by medication is often the first choice for pregnant people in the early weeks of pregnancy because it is a non-invasive procedure that can be completed in the comfort of their own homes. However, there are side effects to watch out for when taking the pills.

Side Effects of Abortion by Medication

Cramping and vaginal bleeding are the most common side effects when completing an abortion by medication. 

Other side effects can include: 

Contact your doctor if your side effects do not subside in a timely manner.